Our mission

Nineveh Life Tuition is a home-school that specialises in assisting with the formal education and support of high school age children struggling with addiction, we are affiliated with registered facilities, support groups and professionals to assist in the recovery and support of these children and the responsible care and concern needed to help families become families again.

At Nineveh Life our aim is to develop young hearts and minds into fully-fledged adults, who are equipped for life. We do this by providing them with a quality education as well as equipping them with the coping skills and the ability to make sound decisions.


Why Nineveh Life                                                            

At Nineveh Life we choose to comfort, understand, challenge, educate, discipline and show concern when it is needed.  A home education programme, our success is based on the one-on-one relationships we develop with our learners and their families in order to create a bridge strong enough to support the changes that need to occur.

We aim to impart self-discipline, emotional growth (better decision making), tools for life (breaking faulty thinking patterns and forming new ones), a desire for knowledge and personal growth and consciousness through heightening of awareness levels.


Nineveh Life model

Home education offers us the opportunity to properly reshape their behavioural issues and coping skills in a safe environment. This allows room for the identification and addressing of any unfulfilled emotional needs, whilst keeping up the student’s formal education.

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